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Friday January 02, 2015
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The 52 Best Photographs From Around The World In 2014
HP | Katherine Brooks | 12/29/14

Behold, the 52 best photographs from around the world in 2014. Photos

The State, the Deep State, and the Wall Street Overworld by Dale Scott.
The State, the Deep State.mobi (article not book) (right click and do "SaveAs")

Bad News Is Bad News, Stocks & Bond Yields Tumble After Data Triple Whammy
ZeroHedge | author | 01/02/15

Well this is not supposed to happen. 2015 appears to have started with the "bad news is bad news" meme engaged as the standard USDJPY-driven opening ramp has collapsed on the back of a triple whammy of terrible data (US PMI, Construction Spending, and ISM). ... Read more

Comment from a Commenter
Business Owner: Is it possible to have a small business with the economic climate these days?

Wall Street: Of course! Just start a large business and wait.

Turkmenistan Devalues Currency By 18%, Armstrong Warns Of "Economic Collapse On A Global Scale"
ZeroHedge | author | 01/02/15

The energy-rich former Soviet republic of Turkmenistan Thursday devalued its currency against the US dollar by 18%, as AFP notes, in the latest sign of contagion among Russia's neighbors from the plunging ruble (following Krgyzstan's 17% plunge in 2014 and Kazakhstan's 14% tumble). However, as Martin Armstrong warns, this is symptomatic of a deflationary contagion that "will contribute to now force the dollar higher... We are in a major economic collapse on a global scale. Most people do not understand that this is the real threat we face." ... Read more

Paul Krugman: How Soaring Inequality May Lead the World Down the Path of Fascism
AlterNet | Paul Krugman | 01/02/15

We live in scary times, Paul Krugman writes in his Friday New York Times column. So scary that they put the esteemed economist in mind of 1930s Europe.

The rising inequality problem, well established by Thomas Piketty's " Capital in the Twenty-First Century", has concentrated so much wealth in the hands of so few, while millions of other live in what Krugman poetically calls the "Valley of the despond."

The only other group that is doing well, besides the global elite, says Krugman, is "what we might call the global middle -- largely consisting of the rising middle classes of China and India." For a crystal clear view if what is going on he suggests consulting a remarkable chart of income gains around the world produced by Branko Milanovic of the City University of New York Graduate Center. ... Read more
Click picture to zoom in

Global Income Distribution, From the Fall of the Berlin Wall to the Great Recession by Branko Milanovic.pdf

TRNN | Steve Horn from DeSmogBlog: The Pentagons' spending bill approved at the end of last year in the calls for expediting permits for fracking in public lands (01/02/15) [15:15], Part [9:45]
REPLAY with Lawrence Wilkerson: Who Makes US Foreign Policy
TRNN | Lawrence Wilkerson: Who Makes US Foreign Policy (older, 10/03/14) [16:53], Part 2 [17:43], Part 3 [12:42]
TYT | Banks Enjoy Big, Corrupt Christmas Present From Feds (01/02/15) [9:39]
TYT | Israel-Palestinian Conflict Erupted In Middle East & In Court Of Public Opinion (01/01/15) [8:18]
TYT | In 2014 The Right Fell Deeply In Love With Vladmir Putin (01/01/15) [10:30]
TYT | ISIS Had A Banner Year In 2014, Here's How They Did It (01/01/15) [12:36]
TYT | Right Wing Lunacy Dominated The 2014 Elections (01/01/15) [10:46]
TYT | Ebola Caused More Freak Outs Than Outbreaks In 2014 (01/01/15) [8:28]
Walmart Shopper
Other Videos and Documentaries I Ran Across
I was interested by Norman Finkelsteins comment in Wednesdays interview with TRNN. He said Khrushchev spoke out in 1956, exposing all the atrocities of Joseph Stalin, and helped chang his mind on Communism.

I'm currently watching documentaries on the Cold War and reading books about the same time period between the end of WWII and 1991. I'm interested in how much our preceptions of The Soviet Union was distorted by propoganda and government manipulation, by both sides, and how different todays world would be if we had just worked together.

01.02.2015. 13:21

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