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Tokyo Radiation New City Planned (10/30/11) [13:04]
you-are-dead fukushima-chernoby-nuclear-REALITY
You Are Dead, The Radioactive Poisoning of The Planet Has Killed You (04/23/11) [9:54]
Fukushima-Chernobyl Nuclear REALITY Part 1 [14:59], Part 2 [14:21]

fukushima-radiation-nightmare the-fukushima-syndrome
Fukushima Radiation Nightmare, Chris Busby Part 1 (10/24/11) [15:00], Part 2 [15:00], Part 3 [11:57]
The Fukushima Syndrome - Documentary Part 1 (09/17/11)
Part 2 [11:09]

BOOK-PDF-chernobyl-consequences-of-the-catastrophe a-gundersen-NRC-ready-to-approve-westinghouse-toshiba-AP-1000-reactors-disregarding
BOOK PDF "Chernobyl Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment" [15:00]
A. Gundersen, NRC Ready to Approve Westinghouse-Toshiba AP1000 Reactors Disregarding (11/10/11) [14:58]

Real Current Videos
Media granted access to Fukushima [11/12/11) [5:27]
Fukushima: A look inside with reporters (11/14/11) [1:58]
Fukushima Update (10/19/11) [7:47]

FUKUSHIMA = 2,000 Atomic Bombs (04/22/11 VT: article)
Plan B: Japanese government unveils proposal for backup city in case earthquake cripples Tokyo (11/04/11 article)
Nuclear's green cheerleaders forget Chernobyl at our peril (05/01/11 article)
Hell on Earth: Chernobyl was the world's worst environmental disaster (04/29/06 article)

Books (PDF)
IAEA & WHO - Chernobyl: the True Scale of the Accident (2005)
Greenpeace - Chernobyl Catastrophe Consequences on Human Health (2006)
*NYAS - Chernobyl: Consequencees of the Catastrophe (2010)

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