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Howthe Koch Brothers got on the Radar

TYT: Koch Brothers Screw You To Get Rich [3:30]
Brave New Foundation | http://bravenewfoundation.com | Robert Greenwald
What do Walmart, FOX News, and Koch Brothers have in common? [2:09]
Will you help Senator Sanders expose the Koch Echo Chamber? [3:47]
With $42 billion and seven homes, why are the Kochs buying our democracy? [7:36]
Why do the Koch brothers want to end public education? [11:08]
Koch Industries EXPOSED: Koch Cancer Plant of Georgia [10:22]
One Man's Quest to Host the Koch Brothers [2:20]
Koch Brothers and the Tea Party
Uncloaking the Koch Brothers, Tea Party [3:21]
Thought Control: Right-Wing Koch Brothers Caught Telling Thousands of Employees How to Vote [18:18]
Kieth Olbermann
Kieth Olbermann Discusses the Koch Brothers and Their Extremist Corporate Agenda (10/21/10) [7:05]
Dylan Ratigan
Koch Brothers & The Tea Party (03/24/11) [8:28]
TYT: Koch Brothers Caught On Tape - Obama & Osama Compared
TYT: Letters Expose Agenda Of Billionaire Koch Brothers (10/21/10) [5:52]
TYT: Robert Greenwald: Social Distortion: Koch Brothers (07/23/11) [7:55]
Theme Song
Koch Bros - "They're the Evil Thing " Sing A Long [1:03]

How Corporations Write Our Laws

ALEC - American Legislative Exchange Council

Are the Koch Brothers Denying Your Vote?

Are the Koch brothers denying your vote? [4:18]
How the Koch-Funded ALEC Works to Deny Voting Rights; Brave New Film Highlights Voter Suppression [article]

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